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May 2, 2016

Up early for subbing today, and off to the middle school to our south to be a seventh-grade English teacher for the day (plus one class of geography). This is a different English teacher than the one I subbed for last week, but the students were doing the same test practice. These classes were reasonably quiet and well-behaved, or at least the English classes were. The geography class was pretty loud and chaotic, as has been the pattern for these particular students this year. In any case, it was a pretty good day, and I had time to read some more of Jane Steele

ON my way back home, I picked up some prescriptions, and once I was home I spent some time online as usual. Late in the afternoon, I made a run for some groceries. I also helped queenmomcat make some bread, which turned out very tasty. On my own, I prepared a shrimp/tomato/rice/feta cheese casserole for dinner. And now it's approaching bedtime. I work at the book store tomorrow, so I don't have to be up really early.
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