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April 27, 2016

Up mid-morning for subbing today: my assignment was for the second half of the day, so I was able to sleep in a little. In any case, I was in for one of the seventh-grade English teachers in the middle school to our south. The kids were supposed to be spending their class time on computers doing test practice, but they ended up talking more than practicing, for which I really can't blame them. Testing is boring enough, but to have to do practice tests before the actual tests . . .

I ran several errands on my way home: I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions, got gas for my car, picked up some diet food for Zazu at the vet, and stopped by the book store to make a correction to my time card. Back home, I pent my usual time online, but for a change I didn't take a nap. This is because one of queenmomcat's friends from the online breast cancer discussion boards stopped by or a visit. It did catch me a little unprepared -- I was starting some laundry as she arrived -- but the visit went well. I prepared spaghetti with a meat sauce for dinner, and it went over well. Still, because of the visit and my delayed laundry, we will be going to bed late tonight, despite the fact that I'm exhausted and have to open the book store tomorrow. Oh well. Someday I'll e able to sleep in very late again.
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