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April 22, 2016

Up early for subbing yet again, and back down to the middle school to our south to be a sixth-grade math teacher. I also took over two classes of seventh-graders at the end of the day (they couldn't find a sub or the teacher in question, so I took over part of the job). The seventh graders were still squirrely, although the sixth graders weren't too bad. I expect the latter group's spring hormones haven't fully kicked in yet.

I stopped to do some banking on the way home, and once back in my own den I spent some time online. Among other things, I picked up a subbing assignment for Monday. This means that I will be working from Wednesday this week (two days ago) until Friday of next week without a break. Good for the bottom line, but a little exhausting.

Anyways, I took a very long nap this afternoon and early evening, after which I ordered us a pizza for dinner. And now we're off to another late bedtime. I don't have to be up early to sub tomorrow, but I do open the book store, so the sooner I get to sleep the better.
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