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April 20, 2016

Up early this morning for subbing, and off to the high school to our south to be an economics teacher for the day. It was a very easy day -- I basically just took attendance and handed out worksheets. The students worked reasonably quietly, so I had no trouble with them. During the regular teacher's planning period, I read more of Jane Steele, which I'm really enjoying.

I had only a brief time back home afterwards before queenmomcat and I headed out for her final appointment with the plastic surgeon. I basically had just enough time to start a virus scan on my computer, which I did because it was acting funny this morning. Anyways, the appointment went well, and the virus scan had finished by the time I got home and found nothing.

So, back home afterwards, I spent some time online, and my computer seemed to behave itself. For a change, I didn't take a nap today, which means I spent the evening feeling very tired. At least I didn't have to make dinner: queenmomcat and I went out to eat tonight, partly to celebrate her finishing up with another part of her cancer treatment. And now it looks like we might be going to bed early for a change. This is fine by me, as I have subbing tomorrow again.
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