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April 19, 2016

Up mid-morning today, and actually awakened by a subbing call. It was for tomorrow though, so in theory I could have gone right back to bed. Instead, I got up, spent my usual time online for the morning, and then tried to settle in to do some writing. No success there, however: instead I spent a lot of time just staring at the computer screen. I did update my LiveJournal a little bit, but that was about it. It didn't help that they're taking out a tree down the street, and the noise was a somewhat distracting. Chainsaws and poetry really don't mix for me.

I was able to take a nice nap, which was enjoyable and helped kill the frustration of not being able to write somewhat. Afterwards, I ended up making a tuna noodle casserole for dinner, which was another meditative activity. And now we're looking at a late bedtime, despite my subbing assignment tomorrow. Nothing new there. At least it'll be a late start Wednesday at the school in question, so I don't have to be up as early as I would otherwise.
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