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April 14, 2016 - Same As It Ever Was [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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April 14, 2016 [Apr. 14th, 2016|11:55 pm]
[Current Mood |tired]
[Current Music |(Random Playlist)]

Last night, after I'd gone to bed, queenmomcat tripped and fell on her laptop, breaking the screen and making it essentially unusable. So she went off this morning to get a new one and see about getting her data transferred. I got up about the time she left, started some laundry, and settled in for my usual morning internet routine. Eventually, I did some dishes, so I feel vaguely proud of myself for being domestically productive. It's about all I can claim for the day.

I spent the morning and early afternoon feeling extremely tired for no good reason, so predictably enough I ended up taking a long nap. In the evening, I was still feeling lazy, and queenmomcat was somewhat depressed and irritated about her computer, so we had takeaway Chinese for dinner. And now, it's looking like bedtime again. I work at the book store tomorrow, so at least that will be a productive day.