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March 14, 2016 - Same As It Ever Was [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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March 14, 2016 [Mar. 14th, 2016|11:55 pm]
[Current Mood |relaxed]
[Current Music |(Random Playlist)]

Up mid-morning, and spent the usual time online during the early part of the day. I also received two phone calls with subbing assignments within fifteen minutes of each other, so my next two days are booked. It's nice being busy, although some days I would definitely prefer to sleep in.

Early in the afternoon, queenmomcat and I went off to see her oncologist for a routine appointment. After that, I had lunch out with queenmomcat, and it was nice to spend time with her. Back home afterwards, I took a long nap, which was very welcome.

Dinner tonight was catch-as-catch-can (leftovers, stuff from the pantry, etc.), as we weren't feeling very hungry after our late lunch. And now it looks like we'll be off to bed late, despite my subbing assignment tomorrow. I have to get my bedtimes and rising times better synced up. Some day.