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February 4, 2016 - Same As It Ever Was [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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February 4, 2016 [Feb. 4th, 2016|11:55 pm]
[Current Mood |tired]
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Subbing assignment today, so I was up early and off to the middle school to our south, where I stood in for one of the sixth-grade math teachers. (I also filled in for one class period of eighth-grade science at the end of the day.) The math students were mostly reviewing for a test tomorrow, so they were quiet and studious. (The eighth graders were a little louder.) In any case, it was a good day overall, although I didn't get any reading done.

Back home, I had about an hour of computer time before the book store manager showed up and we drove to a restaurant in town outside of Lansing for a dinner with the author John Hart. It took us about two hours to get there and two hours to get back, and the dinner itself was about two hours long, but it was worth it. I didn't have to drive, after all, and the dinner was tasty. Hart himself was charming and excellent company, and talked a good bit about the writing process, something that always interests me.

I came home late and tired, but I spent some more time online before getting ready for bed. And now I'm looking at a late bedtime, although I don't have to be at work until noon tomorrow, so all is good on that front. I had a good day today, but now I need to go to bed. I need some sleep.