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January 1, 2016 - Same As It Ever Was [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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January 1, 2016 [Jan. 1st, 2016|11:55 pm]
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Well, what have we here? Why, it's a bright, shiny new year! Actually, today around here started gray and cold, and queenmomcat is feeling very sick, so not an entirely auspicious start to 2016. As usual, I have no resolutions for the new year, just some good intentions that may or may not be fulfilled.

Anyways, I got up late this morning, and after my usual computer time, I started some laundry for queenmomcat, did a bunch of dishes, and started a pot of chicken stock cooking down. Eventually, I started some laundry of my own, and I even managed to get out of the house for a little while to make a quick grocery run (popsicles for queenmomcat, some vegetables for dinner, etc.) After all that, I spent a little more time online and then took a longer nap than I should have.

In the evening, I ran even more laundry (clean sheets for a new year) and accepted my first subbing assignment of the year. I also roasted a leg of lamb for dinner, which was served with baked potatoes and asparagus. The asparagus was frozen before I cooked it, and it came out mushy and blah, but the rest of the meal was quite good. And now we're looking at a late bedtime, which is fine by me. I have to open the book store tomorrow, but I'm feeling kind of rested at the moment, which is a pleasant change. Hopefully, I'll still feel the same way in the morning.

[User Picture]From: queenmomcat
2016-02-01 08:46 pm (UTC)

frozen vegetables

Yeah, not impressed with a lot of the frozen vegetables I've tried over the past couple of years, in an effort to improve my diet. Things with fairly fibrous skins, such as (baby) peas and green beans, yes. Things which are acceptable mushified, such as spinach, yes.

Canned tomatoes have improved significantly over the last thirty years, which is something. But for now, I'm just glad for improvements in speed and climate-controlled status of transport.
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