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November 25, 2015 - Same As It Ever Was [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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November 25, 2015 [Nov. 25th, 2015|11:55 pm]
[Current Mood |happy]
[Current Music |none]

Up mid-morning, and after my usual computer time I packed for our Thanksgiving trip to Atlanta. Then I helped queenmomcat pack and finished washing the last of the dishes so that we wouldn't have stuff moldering on the counter while we were gone. And then it was off to the South Bend airport.

I realized when we got to the airport that I had forgotten to pack my CPAP, but that was the only hitch in our travel. There is now a direct flight between South Bend and Atlanta, which makes things a lot easier. queenmomcat's stepfather met us at the airport and guided us onto MARTA and up to his house. There, we were met by his new wife (who we had met maybe once before), his sons, and his oldest son's wife, whom queenmomcat had met before, but whom I hadn't.

Over and after a pleasant dinner we all conversed and caught up and introduced ourselves and generally had a great, social time. It was quite late before we broke up for bedtime, which I was glad of. It was a lot of fun. Tomorrow will be dedicated to Thanksgiving, which should also be fun. We needed some relaxation after the last few months, and it looks like we're going to get it.