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June 3, 2015 - Same As It Ever Was [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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June 3, 2015 [Jun. 3rd, 2015|11:55 pm]
[Current Mood |satisfied]
[Current Music |(Random Playlist)]

Last night, after I'd gone to bed, Bongo came upstairs to check out the second floor of the house. Zazu came upstairs as well, and the two cats had a bit of a standoff at the top of the staircase. There was a lot of hissing, but there wasn't an actual fight, which I think is a hopeful sign. We think Bongo stayed upstairs overnight. Certainly, Zazu kept checking in with us and seemed agitated. At one point she was standing on my chest, hissing and growling at something out in the hallway (presumably Bongo). That was a somewhat disconcerting moment for me.

Anyways, I was woken early by a phone call from our next-door neighbor and occasional cat sitter, who was feeling very ill. queenmomcat had gone out to get some blood drawn for her annual physical (and as preparation for surgery), so I went over and sat with our neighbor for a while. She eventually felt better enough to send me back home, and when queenmomcat went to check in on her later, she was asleep.

At home, I had a little breakfast and spent some time online. I also tried to work up the energy and concentration to read, but no such luck. Eventually, I went out an mowed part of the lawn. Our neighbor's daughter was actually kind enough to mow part of our lawn -- the part that was starting to get overgrown -- when she came to mow her mother's lawn a few days ago, and I just trimmed the parts that haven't been growing as well. I also checked in on our neighbor again, who was awake and feeling much better.

Back inside, I did some dishes and wrote a poem for Rattle magazine's monthly ekphrastic challenge. I seem to be writing a lot of occasional poems for Rattle these days, and very little else. In any case, I read a few more cartoon books after that and then took my usual nap.

While I was waking up at the end of my nap, I because aware that Bongo had come into the bedroom to explore. He made himself scarce when I talked to him, but I found out where he's been hiding upstairs: in the cabinets underneath the sink in the old kitchen. I was able to entice him out for some pettins with catnip and soft words, and he spent about fifteen minutes absorbing some affection before heading back to hide again.

In the evening, queenmomcat and I went out for our weekly dinner date, which was quite nice. And now I'm thinking of going to bed early. Tomorrow is another day off, and hopefully it won't start as eventfully as today did.