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February 2, 2015 - Same As It Ever Was [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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February 2, 2015 [Feb. 2nd, 2015|11:55 pm]
[Current Mood |relaxed]
[Current Music |(Random Playlist)]

My subbing assignment for today was, indeed, cancelled: pretty much every school in southwest Michigan and northern Indiana was closed today. I slept in until mid-morning, when I was decisively woken up by our snow blower guy clearing out our driveway.

I started some laundry once I was fully awake, and I later balanced the checkbook, so that was to the good. The snowplow finally came by early in the afternoon, which means I had to go out and clear the end of the driveway after it had gone. I also did the end of our elderly neighbors driveway, so I'm feeling very virtuous at the moment.

Back inside, I settled in and finished reading Town Life (6/1,498). I think I may dedicate this week to poetry: reading it and, hopefully, writing it. (I still need to review some books for work, but that can wait until I'm actually on the clock again.) Anyways, I took my usual nap afterwards, and then queenmomcat and I went out for our weekly dinner date. We needed to get out of the house. And now I think I'll head off to bed. Tomorrow I have off -- as usual barring last-minute subbing assignments -- ad I have very little I really need to do, so it should be a mellow sort of day.