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January 23, 2015 - Same As It Ever Was [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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January 23, 2015 [Jan. 23rd, 2015|11:55 pm]
[Current Mood |meh]
[Current Music |(Random Playlist)]

I'm feeling somewhat better emotionally today, but I did end up sleeping in quite late this morning. I had to rush to get ready for work, but not only did I make it on time, I was also able to stop by the optician's on the way there to pick up my new glasses. They have progressive lenses, and they're taking some getting used to, but I expected that.

I worked from noon to 8:00 PM close, and it was a reasonably busy day. I did have enough time to do some things around the store (tidy displays, put books in purchase orders, etc.) and read some more of We Are Pirates. My ankle was feeling okay in the evening, but I still called queenmomcat to ask for a ride home, because I was feeling very watery. I suspect hunger was the cause, as my blood sugar was okay when I got home.

I put together a chicken stir-fry for dinner, and I felt better physically after I ate. I spent a good chunk of the evening catching up with things online, and now I'm ready for bed. I'm still feeling a bit down, but not as bad as I was feeling yesterday. Hopefully another good night's sleep will take care of the last remnants of the cloud that's been hanging over me.