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December 31, 2014 - Same As It Ever Was [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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December 31, 2014 [Dec. 31st, 2014|08:34 pm]
[Current Mood |mixed]
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(I know it's early for me to be posting, but I wanted to get 2014 recorded and done with while it was still 2014, and I doubt I'll be awake much longer.)

I had another desultory sort of day today, starting with waking up in the late morning and promptly wasting several hours surfing online. At least I did some laundry while obsessively refreshing the same two or three websites. After lunch, I decided that I should try to finish off the year by reading something, so I picked up Eavan Boland's latest book of poetry, A Woman Without a Country. I took it upstairs and read in bed for a while, and after I finished the book (26/6,191), I took a nap. Later in the evening, I prepared a lamb roast for dinner and updated my LiveJournal. And so here we are.

It is time for the traditional listing of consumed media and other cultural products for the year, and it's a very sad listing this time around. I only saw one movie -- Muppets Most Wanted -- although I did finally finish watching the first series of the new Doctor Who. queenmomcat and I went to see five operas:

George Gershwin, Porgy and Bess (Lyric Opera of Chicago)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Don Giovanni (Lyric Opera of Chicago)
Johann Strauss, Jr. Die Fledermaus (Lyric Opera of Chicago)
Gioachino Rossini, Il barbiere di Siviglia (Lyric Opera of Chicago)
Giuseppe Verdi, Il Trovatore (Lyric Opera of Chicago)

And finally, I read (only) 26 books, most of them for work, although I was able to wedge some poetry in there (indicated by an *):

*Eavan Boland, A Woman Without a Country
Colin Cotterill, The Axe Factor
*Michael Earl Craig, Talkativeness
*------, Thin Kimono
George Hagen, Gabriel Finley and the Raven's Riddle (ARC)
Sophie Hannah, The Monogram Murders (ARC)
*John Hollander, Figurehead
Tom Holt, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Sausages
Jonas Jonasson, The Girl Who Saved the Kind of Sweden (ARC)
*Jim Kacian, Philip Rowland, and Allan Burns, eds., Haiku in English
A. S. King, Glory O'Brien's History of the Future (ARC)
*Dorothea Lasky, Thunderbird
*Patrica Lockwood, Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals
*Medbh McGuckian, The High Caul Cap
Haruki Murakami, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (ARC)
*Matt Rasmussen, Black Aperture
Andrew Smith, Grasshopper Jungle (ARC)
*Gary Snyder, Axe Handles
Piers Torday, The Last Wild (ARC)
Linn Ullmann, The Cold Song
Jeff VanderMeer, Acceptance (ARC)
-----, Annihilation (ARC)
-----, Authority (ARC)
John Waters, Carsick
*Joe Wenderoth, If I Don't Breathe How do I Sleep
*Rachel Zucker, The Pedestrians

Once again, I'm not providing a graph of books read by month, as it's entirely too depressing.

And that's it for 2014. It was not a good year. Hopefully, next year will be better. That is my hope for all of you as well.

[User Picture]From: queenmomcat
2014-12-31 10:57 pm (UTC)
Sigh. At least we got to see some nice operas. And I can walk.
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[User Picture]From: stephe
2014-12-31 11:12 pm (UTC)
Yes, you starting to regain your ability to walk is one of the highlights of the year.
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[User Picture]From: queenmomcat
2014-12-31 11:48 pm (UTC)
At least something went right medically this year.
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